Lemon Tree Strain


Lemon Tree is a cross between Sour Diesel strain and Lemon Skunk, bringing with her the strongest traits from both parents. She’s easy to identify by her round green nugs that are covered in white crystals. Her effects include relaxation and euphoria while easing any aches or pains you may have been experiencing before smoking this strain of weed for medical purposes. Recommended as an introductory marijuana product due to these milder side-effects, she provides relief without overwhelming your senses like some other strains might do too much of at once after overindulging on them!

When you want to keep your head clear and energized, she is the girl for you. She has 16-18% THC which will power through any day that may lie in wait before us. With all of these positive qualities it’s no wonder why many have come to love her dearly as a secret garden favorite!