Master kush feminized seeds

Master kush feminized seeds

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Flowering time after (days): 50-55 days
Height in cm: 140-200 cm
Yield: 450gr./m2
Type: Feminized seeds
Yield Medium yield
Climat Temperature / Continental
Height Average height gain
THC: 15% +/-
Flowering time Average flowering period
Sativa / Indica Mostly Indica
Number of seeds 5

Master Kush is a Hindu Kush and Skunk crossing and very suitable for indoor growing because she won’t get very tall with a tight growing bush appearance.
The leaves have a healthy green colour with a sharp point shape and the buds have a fluffy and tight structure covered with a heavy layer of resin.
Although Master Kush grows well outdoors a higher yield is assured growing indoors because of the stable environment.
If you choose to grow Master Kush outdoors it is wise to keep an eye on the buds because they are mould sensitive due to their thick and tense structure.
Master Kush is also used for medicinal treatment against stress and anxiety.
While growing she hardly smells but the smoke has an earthy sweet taste and isn’t too sharp for your throat, easy going!
Master Kush leaves you in a state of a comfortably numb high and it’s recommended only to use it when you’re ready for bed or have a date with your couch the whole evening.


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